Structural Health

  • Bridges and Overpasses
  • Railways
  • Tall structures such as Building, Wind Turbine
  • Cofferdam Locks

Structural health monitoring (SHM) systems are deployed to analyze the performance of a structure, both during the construction work and over the lifespan of the structure. By doing so, actual performance can be compared with predicted performance and, in the event of any unforeseen (dangerous) conditions, corrective measures can be taken in a timely manner.  Our SHM systems are designed according to the specific requirements of each structure. Depending on the monitored structure, systems may be simple, or complex to allow real-time assessments.  GKM Consultants’ SHM systems can be used to monitor a large number of structure types, including bridges, railways, docks, wind turbines, buildings and more.

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Structural health monitoring overview

  • Structural health monitoring is now more accessible than ever with the development of more cost-effective data acquisition systems, data connections and online platforms.
  • Structural health monitoring systems can measure static parameters such as tilt or displacement.
  • Dynamic parameters can also be measured, such as strain variations during truck passages, the natural modes of a structure or the structure’s behavior under strong or turbulent winds.

Benefits of structural health monitoring

  • New infrastructure such as major bridges are now commonly designed with built-in structural health monitoring systems to ease long term maintenance and to validate design assumptions.
  • Older infrastructure can see their lifespan extended with state-of-the art SHM systems.
  • Structural health monitoring can be used for real-time alarms should a major issue like a landslide or a sinkhole damages an existing infrastructure.
  • Tall structures such as wind turbines, cellular towers and skyscrapers can be closely monitored with the proper instruments.

Our expertise in structural health monitoring

GKM Consultants’ geotechnical structural health monitoring solutions are designed to acquire data from instruments such as strain gauges, distance meters, accelerometers, geophones and tiltmeters. GKM Consultants assist owners and engineers at every step of the way, from the selection of the instruments, their installation and the commissioning of the automatic monitoring system.

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Our solutions

Dynamic Data Acquisition and Logging System - DAQ Series
Star Wireless Monitoring System
Sound and Vibration Monitoring
Remote Data Management System (RDMS)

Related instruments

Strain gauges
Displacement transducers
In-place inclinometers

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