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Nomination | Djesone Gomis | Project Manager, Acoustics and Vibration

GKM Consultants is pleased to announce the appointment of Djesone Gomis as Project Manager, of Acoustics and Vibration.

Djesone Gomis has acquired, over the last few years, a very good experience in acoustics and vibration project management. After studying at the prestigious Faculty of Sciences in Acoustics at the University of Maine in France, he was able to work in engineering and geotechnical instrumentation offices in Quebec and developed his technical and organizational skills.

As a sports enthusiast and more precisely in martial arts, Djesone is a practitioner of boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling. These qualities necessary in these practices are reflected in the exercise of his functions because he shows discipline, calm, and control.

Djesone Gomis is a great fan of music. Acoustics is his passion...

He is ready to discuss your Project Needs, email him at or call him at 450 500-8061.