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Webinar | Watch it now | Tailings Dam Wireless Monitoring through IoT technology

Tailings Dam Wireless Monitoring through IoT technology | April 1st, 2020 - 11:00 EST


Learn how to perform remote and real-time monitoring of:

  • pore water pressure
  • water level and water quality
  • rainfall monitoring
  • horizontal displacement
  • vertical deformation at various depths
  • movements across surface cracks
  • tension and remaining load in-ground anchors

Hear from fellow mining experts & engineers

Hear from fellow geotechnical engineers and system integrators who have gained valuable knowledge and experience in tailings dam monitoring.

Duration 1 hour 

In this webinar mining experts will share:

the latest industry updates in terms of safety regulations for tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

How to deploy an IoT-based wireless monitoring system to digitize various sensors such as:

  • piezometers in boreholes
  • in-place inclinometers (IPI)
  • water level meters
  • rain gauges
  • crack meters
  • multi-point borehole extensometers (MPBX)
  • load cells
  • water quality probes

Detailed case studies featuring tailings dams in North America

Other useful information in a live Q&A session