Pre and Post Construction Surveys

Construction activities may impact nearby buildings or structures. Pre and post condition surveys are used to visually assess the condition of adjacent properties before and after the construction. They provide valuable documentation to protect the contractor and developer from unjustified damage claims or help assess actual damages due to the construction. 

Where pre-construction surveys identify and locate existing anomalies. Crack meters can be used to track any change of identified cracks during the construction. Particular attention can then be given to bad condition buildings or vibration limits adjusted accordingly.

Noise and vibration

From manual sound and vibration measurements for short term applications to fully automated monitoring stations, GKM Consultants have you covered. You can easily access and manage your data with our web-accessed platform. Sound and vibration measurements can also be integrated in propagation models to predict and control noise and vibration levels.

Using state-of-the-art software, GKM Consultants can assist you with:

  • Obtaining certificates of approval requiring noise and vibration impact studies for mines, quarries, construction work or industrial activities (Quebec NI 98-01, Ontario NPC 300)
  • The control of blast induced vibration: signature hole, interval analysis, linear superposition
  • The evaluation of noise and vibration exposure from road and railway traffic of future residential developments

Geotechnical instrumentation

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of services which includes consulting, design work, detailed engineering, installation, integration, programming, turnkey instrumentation project management and training.

Our Services Include:

  • Instrumentation assessment and consultancy
  • Execution scheduling and responsibilities
  • Procurement management and equipment rentals
  • On-site verification & testing (QA/QC)
  • Instrument installation and baseline readings
  • Cable routing & wiring
  • Training & maintenance


Over the years, GKM Consultants has developed unique systems monitoring know-how thanks, to the manufacturing and development of acquisition software and monitoring systems that process and automatically distribute data.

Monitoring services offered by GKM Consultants:

  • Automatic data acquisition system design  
  • System commissioning and programming
  • Database implementation
  • Online visualization software development
  • Data hosting

 GKM provides monitoring solutions on four different levels to address your project needs:


Monitoring Level I – Manual Reading

Entry level monitoring consists of taking manual readings with a portable readout unit that is compatible and dedicated to installed single instrument technology. In situations where several instruments are nested at a common location, instruments can be wired to a manual switch type terminal box which eases the reading process. Typically, daily variation or transitory effects cannot be observed using this monitoring practice.


Monitoring Level II – Standalone Logger

A standalone logger is a simple electronic device that records information at a low sampling rate from several sensors of same technology. The logger performs simple calculations and stores results in its internal memory. It is battery-operated and a low power consumption device. Level II monitoring requires an inspector with a field PC to download data periodically.


Monitoring Level III – Data Acquisition System (DL Series)

Data Acquisition System (DL Series) can read multiple instrument technologies (voltage, current, resistance, vibrating wire, etc.) concurrently. It is a flexible and expandable system offering numerous monitoring topologies. It performs more complex calculations, measures at higher frequencies and executes simple control functions. An operator/inspector downloads data locally or remotely through a telecommunication means.


Monitoring Level IV – Remote Data Management System (RDMS)

A Remote Data Management System (RDMS) manages one or several DL Series. Data is transferred and organized automatically into a server database making measurements available through a secured Internet connection. Level IV is an unattended monitoring platform (system). RDMS facilitates field data interpretation with graphical tools and generates alarm notifications such as emails for end-user or other project resources.


GKM Consultants offers several levels of analysis services.

Basic real-time analysis for visualization and alarms is directly available through the RDMS.

We also offer specific analysis in such as pre and post construction surveys and monitoring plans that cover the choice, design and installation practices for each instrument.

We provide environmental analysis reports before and during projects for sound and vibration monitoring, providing required expertise to protect structures and neighbours from disturbances, as well as preventive and remedial measures.

Geotechnical and structural analysis using data from our instruments, DL Series and RDMS are also offered, providing constructors and project owners with the knowledge required to go forward with their projects.