Concrete Curing Box System - C3 Match Series

Control curing boxes remotely and automatically

Engineering projects require increasingly stringent control over the quality of work and materials. High Performance Concrete (HPC), exceptional working conditions and the weather are all moving pieces in the concrete quality control puzzle.

GKM Consultants’ C3-Match Series system solves many of the challenges associated with the production of concrete cylinders by offering fully automated wireless control from sensors installed within the concrete forms.

This unique system can:

  • Cure concrete cylinders in a location that is protected from the elements;
  • Allow real-time production of concrete cylinders that comply with the strictest standards;
  • Enable real-time temperature monitoring and generate alarms if predefined thresholds are exceeded;
  • Combine structural health monitoring with concrete quality control measurements.

Why use the C3-Match Series system ?

The most common curing boxes are adjusted manually by operators on the basis of manual or laboratory readings without precise knowledge of field conditions, which adds uncertainty to the maturity curve of the cylinders. Manual control is not compatible with modern projects that require a high degree of accuracy in the characterization of materials. Where higher quality samples are required, automated curing boxes are usually controlled by thermocouples embedded directly in the concrete structure. The C3-Match Series system makes it possible to relocate the boxes to the most appropriate location.

How does the C3-Match Series system work ?

The C3-Match Series system has several key components. Embedded temperature sensors are read automatically by a battery powered data logging system, which can then relay the readings over long distances to a gateway. The gateway can be either hooked up to the Internet or used locally to control the temperature of the curing boxes. The C3-Match Series system can be enhanced by GKM Consultants’ cloud computing tools, which offer a high degree of flexibility for real-time data visualization by everyone involved, to generate specialized calculations or to facilitate storage for long-term monitoring.

application EXAMPLES

Mine and tunneling shafts
Because shafts are vertical structures, curing boxes cannot be used next to the concrete structure. The C3-Match Series system allows the boxes to be deployed either on the surface or in the laboratory where the materials are tested.

Tunnels typically are narrow, which limits the space available to work in and for the installation of long-term curing boxes. In addition, health and safety concerns may limit workers’ access to the boxes to collect concrete cylinders. These constraints are entirely avoided by installing the curing boxes at the mouth of the tunnel.

The construction of bridge piers is an ideal type of project for remote wireless monitoring and control, as water significantly limits the mobility of workers who must take manual readings or collect samples.


Radio range of data loggers
15 km

Battery life of data loggers
10 years

Temperature update rate of the curing boxes
every 30 minutes

Maximum temperature difference between the curing box and the reference sensor
2 °C



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