Concrete Curing Box System

Control curing boxes remotely and automatically

Engineering projects require increasingly stringent control over the quality of work and materials. High Performance Concrete (HPC), exceptional working conditions and the weather are all moving pieces in the concrete quality control puzzle.

GKM Consultants’ C3-Match Series system solves many of the challenges associated with the production of concrete cylinders by offering fully automated wireless control from sensors installed within the concrete forms.

This unique system can:

  • Cure concrete cylinders in a location that is protected from the elements;
  • Allow real-time production of concrete cylinders that comply with the strictest standards;
  • Enable real-time temperature monitoring and generate alarms if predefined thresholds are exceeded;
  • Combine structural health monitoring with concrete quality control measurements.
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Radio range of data loggers
15 km
Battery life of data loggers
10 years
Temperature update rate of the curing boxes
every 30 minutes
Maximum temperature difference between the curing box and the reference sensor
2 °C