Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition and Logging

Data logging systems (DL Series) are commonly used as a way to enhance the value and usefulness of geotechnical instruments. DL Series systems are used in a wide array of project types, including dams, mines, infrastructure work and research. Custom-built from parts from leading manufacturers, they are tailored to each application and can accommodate almost any type of instrument. They are rugged, reliable and will bring added value to any project.

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Compatible instruments

  • All vibrating-wire instruments
  • Thermistors
  • Measurand SAA
  • Weather instruments
  • RS-485 and RS-232 controlled instruments
  • Analog instruments
    1. 4-20 mA
    2. 0-5 V DC
    3. Bridge strain gages
    4. Resistive thermometers
    5. Thermocouples
  • TDR
  • Dust monitors
  • Sound level monitors 


Typical <1 W. Highly dependent on acquisition frequency,
communications and instrument choice.

Temperature range

-60 °C to +50 °C

Acquisition period

>50 ms