Remote Data Management System (RDMS)


Remote data management systems (RDMS) are versatile tools that leverage geotechnical instrumentation, increasing their usefulness and expanding their range of applications.

Using an RDMS enhances:

  • Management of large datasets for large-scale monitoring systems. GKM Consultants’ RDMS hosts data to a secure server for access and analysis by technicians, engineers and consultants;
  • Data security and traceability of data over the lifetime of a project;
  • Worksite safety by providing real-time alarms;
  • Project management through visualization of relevant data.

Why use an RDMS ?

RDMS have several advantages over traditional data collection methods. In a typical RDMS, data is acquired automatically from data loggers, such as GKM Consultants’ DL Series, and uploaded to a server, removing the need to send staff to the worksite regularly to perform manual readings or to collect data from the stand-alone DL Series. The RDMS provides real-time monitoring and plotting, which are not possible with manual collection. Furthermore, an RDMS gives the users access to their data remotely at all times from any Internet-connected computer or system.

How does it work ?

In most projects, data is automatically collected from the data loggers through a cellular or satellite modem and uploaded to our servers. The software processes the data and makes it available to end users. The users connect remotely to the server to visualize data, run analyses or download the data to a desired format.

Example applications

Tunneling in urban areas is a delicate task because any shifting and settling could threaten surrounding structures. Using a properly designed RDMS, instruments such as inclinometers and multi-point extensometers can continuously monitor soil movement and generate alarm emails to be received by engineers and project managers.

Environment measurements
RDMS can be used to make data and graphs available to the public to show the real-time values of sound or air quality surrounding major worksites.

Mining operations
Large underground mines are often instrumented with a large number of instruments to follow operations and improve safety. RDMS can be used to plot critical measurements in real time. Engineers use this interface to make informed decisions and produce detailed reports.


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