Sound & Vibration Monitoring

Sound and Vibration Monitoring

With the tightening of compliance requirements and the aging buildings and infrastructures, construction work such as blasting, trench excavation, tunnel digging, pile driving or drilling can generate large amounts of noise and vibration which must be controlled.   

Noise and vibration monitoring allows you to:

  • Optimize risk management by avoiding complaints, damage payouts and unplanned work stoppages, enabling better control of costs and schedules;
  • Improve protection of vibration-sensitive structures by controlling the vibration they are exposed to;
  • Generate detailed documentation to prove compliance with contract requirements or in the event of litigation. 

The SVi offers a choice of manual measuring or automated options to suit your needs.

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Measurement range: up to 254 mm/s (10 in/s) Geophones DIN or ISEE
Resolution: 0.00788 mm/s (0.00031 in/s)
Accuracy (ISEE/DIN): ±5 % or 0.5 mm/s (0.02 in/s) whichever is larger, of a flat response between 4 and 125 Hz/DIN 45669 -1
Frequency range 2 to 250 Hz, less than 0 to - 3 dB (ISEE/DIN): of a flat response/1 to 315 Hz


Sound level meters: Class I or II
Weighting: A, C, Z
Measurement range: 16 Hz to 20 kHz
Dynamic range: 18 to 143 dB
Response time: Fast: 125 ms Slow: 1 s
Resolution: 0.1 dB