Specialized Inspection | Pre- and post-construction

GKM Consultants’ INSi solution helps construction contractors manage risk more effectively. GKM Consultants offers turnkey inspection services that ensure the peace of mind of its clients by producing a complete portrait of the structures around a site.

Why the INSi solution

The INSi solution exemplifies the GKM Consultants’ team know-how and uses state-of-the-art technologies to produce complete, efficient and cost-effective inspections.

Pre- and post-construction surveys

Construction activities may impact nearby buildings or structures. Pre-construction surveys are used to identify and detect anomalies. This allows special attention to be paid to buildings in poor condition or vibration thresholds to be adjusted accordingly.

Why do a pre- and post-project inspection

Preventive and subsequent surveys are used to visually assess the condition of adjacent properties before and after construction. They provide valuable documentation, which can serve either to offer the contractor and developer some protection from unjustified damage claims or to help assess actual damage caused by the construction work in order to adequately compensate the property owner.

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