Tailings Environmental Management Systems


Tailings Environmental Management Systems (TEMS) are used by mining operators, engineering teams and geoenvironment teams to follow the state of tailings over long periods of times. Parameters such as soil temperature, water content, pH, conductivity, oxygen dissolved and capillary sensor for instance can be monitored by this system. Each datalogger is customized and tailored to be fully adapted to the specific requirements of each site.

They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions to provide long term coverage and data.

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Dissolved O2 probe 

Measurement Range: 0 to 100 %
Response Time 1 minute

Water content probe

Accuracy Mineral soil: ±3% VWC, most mineral soils
Resolution : 0.1% VWC (mineral soil)
Range : Calibration dependent; up to 0-100% VWC with polynomial equation

Soil Water potential

Accuracy : Soil water potential: ±(10% + 2 kPa) from -9 to -100 kPa
Resolution : Soil water potential: 0.1 kPa

Soil Water potential

Range : 0 to -200 kPa

pH Probe

pH range : 2 to 12
Accuracy : ±0.2 pH (over 10° to 40°C)

The exact technical specifications will be set by the requirements of your project.