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Accountable Mining - High Standards of Environmental, Social & Governance Practices - Commitment Zero Harm®

GKM Consultants
was appointed by IAMGOLD to install and commission a cutting-edge geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring system for a tailings dam project in Northern Ontario.

We are thrilled to have IAMGOLD’s confidence” said Stéphane Thivierge, President, GKM Consultants. IAMGOLD is committed to maintaining a culture of accountable mining through high standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance practices, including their commitment to Zero Harm®, in every aspect of their business.  “IAMGOLD have a tenured and solid reputation for engaging in complex projects. Their desire to partner with us is a true statement of intent that geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring are a key component for the success and safety of their project.”

Throughout the project, GKM Consultants is responsible for procurement, installation, and configuration of several measurement points and systems manufactured by GEOKON, Measurand, sensemetrics, and Loadsensing. GKM Consultants will bridge instrumentation technologies and complex monitoring systems from multiple vendors into a single turnkey solution.

“GKM Consultants proposed a monitoring program. Our approach to challenging projects like these is to take a product-agnostic stance. This enables us to satisfy customer requests without bias and guarantees that the eventual technology or product choice is based purely on performance and adherence to the customer requirement. The strength of the systems adopted by IAMGOLD lies in the reliability of the geotechnical instruments, which are capable of measuring a wide array of parameters set by the clients. GKM Consultants covers every step of the way, from choosing the right instrument types to installing and commissioning them.” Says Adam Dulmage, Mining Director, GKM Consultants.

“We are very excited to be working with GKM Consultants on this world-class project. By securely incorporating real-time sensor data from a complex and diverse sensor ecosystem Côté Gold will benefit from a reliable means to connect, store and stream sensor data to our cloud-native platform for continuous and automated condition monitoring. Through this, we will empower Côté Gold to increase the value of geotechnical data by enabling proactive risk management and better decision-making”. Says Alex Pienaar, Director of Sales, Bentley Infrastructure IoT.

 “We look forward to leveraging our experience to execute this exciting project. We understand that the geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring program will contribute to the safety and long-term reliability of the tailing dams.” Says Stéphane-Éric Thivierge, President, GKM Consultants.