Noise and vibration

  • Deep excavations
  • Tunneling
  • Quarries
  • Mines
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Heritage building protection
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Sensitive equipment protection

GKM Consultants specialize in the measurement and control of noise and vibration from construction work, mining, transport and industrial applications. We offer a variety of options and have the expertise to custom-build solutions suited to your needs and adapted to your project requirements.

For a wide range of applications, from manual sound and vibration measurements for short term projects to fully automated noise and vibration monitoring stations, GKM Consultants have you covered with the best solutions.

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Noise and vibration monitoring overview

  • With the tightening of compliance requirements and the aging buildings and infrastructures, construction work such as blasting, trench excavation, tunnel digging, pile driving and drilling can generate large amounts of noise and vibration which must be controlled.
  • New technology such as server farms and medical laboratories are increasingly common and have specific requirements for vibration levels.
  • Projects near or in residential areas have to abide by strict rules for noise emission.
  • Workers in noisy environments require protection and monitoring of the sound levels they are exposed to.

Benefits of monitoring noise and vibration

  • Efficient vibration monitoring systems help prevent damage to private property by providing accurate measurements of vibration levels.
  • Monitoring vibration levels helps to protect sensitive equipment and infrastructure from excessive vibration.
  • Accurate noise and vibration data help managers and engineers to better manage their projects by letting them know how close to the legal thresholds their activities are.
  • It also protects project owners and contractors against complaints from residents and business owners in the vicinity of construction work.

Our expertise in noise and vibration monitoring


GKM Consultant’s SVi’s line of products is built upon state-of-the art technology to provide real-time vibration monitoring. They are available in a large number of configurations, from standalone handheld products to completely automatic monitoring with real-time alarm emails and more.

Sound Level Meters

GKM Consultants is a distributor of World Class sound level meter manufacturers. These top of the line sound level meters offer unrivaled accuracy and durability for environmental noise monitoring and offer many advanced features such as a built-in cellular modem, sound recordings, plane detection and automated fault detection.

Remote Data Management

GKM Consultants’ remote data management system (RDMS) captures vibration monitoring data from the SVi systems in the field and makes it available remotely for visualization, management and alarm configuration. It’s a powerful tool built upon Cloud Based platforms for online visualization and remote monitoring.

Short Term Studies

GKM Consultants can perform manual data acquisition or deploy stations for periods as short as 24 hours to prepare baseline measurements of the ambient sound or vibration levels. This service assists engineers and contractors in assessing the actual effects of their construction activities when work starts. Additionally, this service is offered to private residents and business owners to help them protect their property from excessive vibration or noise emission.

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Our solutions

Sound and Vibration Monitoring
Remote Data Management System (RDMS)

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