News 28.01.2019

Appointment | Melanie Boudreau

Appointment | Melanie Boudreau

GKM is pleased to announce the appointment of Melanie Boudreau as Director, Strategic Business Development. With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Université de Sherbrooke, Melanie has supported several Canadian and Latin American-based companies throughout her career in developing their markets over large territories. Her experience, especially for the manufacturing and drilling companies, has allowed her to have a global vision of the business and the ability to unite the interests of the stakeholders to ensure the company’s sustainability. "I am very happy to welcome Melanie to my team," says Stéphane-Eric Thivierge, Eng., President of GKM Consultants.  Melanie specializes in the analysis of business development opportunities and the implementation of sales strategies.   She is an extremely motivated and professional person who is driven by the achievement of results.  She will quickly understand the fundamentals of our company and our competitive environment in which we operate, and help us achieve our growth objectives.

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Melanie Boudreau