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COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 prevention at GKM Consultants

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to inform you of the measures put in place at GKM to reassure you about the continuity of our services, the proper execution of our operations and our ability to respond to our customers.

Our HSE Committee monitors and advises our employees on a daily basis on the situation and the guidelines recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada and government authorities.

Preventive hygiene actions are regularly communicated to the entire company. All our employees who show cold symptoms or who have returned from travel since March 13, 2020, are placed in mandatory isolation for a period of 14 days as recommended by the government.

GKM maintains a close and daily collaboration with its suppliers and customers to maintain its operations and quality service. Our Cloud monitoring solutions remain in operation to ensure a periodic follow-up of ongoing projects.

Note that GKM maintains a large inventory of automatic acquisition systems to continuously monitor the geotechnical and structural conditions of construction sites and mining development in the country.

To this effect, if you need to convert your conventional reading methods (manual or with loggers) for automated measurements with visualization on the Cloud, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you in this technology transition.

As an expert in instrumentation and remote monitoring solutions since 2007, GKM is closely following this extraordinary situation. Our team of professionals is reactive in order to maintain the well-being and the safe development of your projects.

We remain your trusted partner and are present to respond to any eventuality. You are our priority.

GKM team.

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