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Exclusive Partnership with Ackcio

GKM Consultants and Ackcio are proud to announce their Distribution Partnership 

Contributors in geotechnical monitoring projects around the world, the two organizations have come together. The partnership between GKM Consultants and Ackcio aims to implement “a wireless solution for intelligent operations”.

Every day, GKM Consultants’ team walks into work committed to delivering high-quality customer service. Working collaboratively allows us to take a leadership position in the monitoring services industry. GKM Consultants also provides a range of geotechnical services that includes instrument installation, data hosting, and monitoring that offer functionalities such as alarm handling and remote data visualization. “A mesh network is the natural choice for the dynamic underground mining environment. The ability to relay data in a series of hops to bring valuable data to the outside world is paramount. Ackcio Beam is a robust system that can tolerate the loss of connectivity of one or more devices without systematic loss of performance and lasts for years on batteries. This innovative product allows us to complement our range of solutions for underground mining operations.” says Adam Dulmage, Mining Director, GKM Consultants.


The partnership between GKM Consultants and Ackcio is a solution that will allow GKM’s clients to implement a mesh network in their underground operations. “We are thrilled to be partnering with GKM Consultants,” said Nimantha Baranasuriya, Co-founder & CEO of Ackcio. “GKM has a track record in the North American market for providing best of breed solutions. Their desire to partner with us is a true statement of intent, from a leading consulting company.”


For our clients, the result of this partnership is a reduction in infrastructure cost, improved asset utilization, higher operational efficiency, and increased safety. “GKM and Ackcio are committed to providing a safer future with an intelligent real-time monitoring solution that provides precise and reliable data. We are honored to be their exclusive partner for underground operations in North America.” outlined Melanie Boudreau, Director, Strategy at GKM Consultants.


GKM Consultants bridges instrumentation technologies and complex monitoring assignments into a single turnkey servicing company for the benefit of their clients. “At GKM Consultants, we strive to provide fully customizable services. We listen to our client’s concerns and understand that underground operations bring unique challenges. These challenges can be addressed with the Ackcio Beam solution. This additional product line for our toolbox allows us to continue to offer flexible services to our clients.” explained Stéphane-Éric Thivierge, President of GKM Consultants.