News 12.04.2019

NEW | Distribution Partnership

GKM Consultants and SENSEMETRICS are proud to announce their Distribution Partnership.

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Contributors for several years in geotechnical monitoring, the two organizations have come together, driven by complementary services and similar values. The partnership between GKM Consultants and sensemetrics Inc., aims to establish a safer future through intelligent decision making in the mining, dams and civil engineering sectors.

Dedicated to high quality of customer service, GKM Consultants is a leader in monitoring services and data acquisition devices, which range from simple data-logging machines to sophisticated systems that relay the acquired data to a central server. GKM Consultants also provides a range of geotechnical services like instrument installation, data hosting and monitoring that provide functionalities such as alarm handling and management and remote data visualization. “GKM Consultants is proud to partner with sensemetrics to provide a true, cloud-based software for unique management and visualization of sensor data. », Stephane-Eric Thivierge, President, GKM Consultants.

The partnership between GKM Consultants and sensemetrics will fuel the expansion of GKM Consultants’ range of high-quality data-acquisition services. “We are thrilled to be partnering with GKM Consultants” says Mike Gray, Director of Channels & Alliances at sensemetrics Inc., “GKM has a tenured and solid reputation in the Canadian market for providing best of breed solutions to their clients to ensure safety. Their desire to partner with us, is a true statement of intent, from one of the leading consulting companies, that real-time and true cloud-based monitoring is the most robust solution available to our clients”.

The result of this partnership is; a reduction in infrastructure cost, improved asset utilization, higher operational efficiency, and increased safety. “When proposing to our clients to use predictive analytics in an innovative platform, GKM Consultants and sensemetrics are innovating the ability to provide a safer future through intelligent real-time decision making.”, Melanie Boudreau, Strategic Business, Director at GKM Consultants.

GKM Consultants bridges instrumentation technologies and complex monitoring assignment into a single turnkey servicing company for the benefit of their clients. “At GKM Consultants, we strive to provide fully customizable services. The sensemetrics cloud platform allows us to continue to offer flexible services to our clients. It enables sensor data to be seamlessly relayed via the client’s preferred gateway, and managed with sensemetrics high-level software or viewed with third party integrations. We, at GKM Consultants want to elevate decision making by creating unparalleled data transparency.” Stéphane-Éric Thivierge, President, GKM Consultants.

sensemetrics is a leading innovator in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. The company that transforms sensor data into real-time situational awareness, active risk management and safety solutions for the world’s largest enterprises in mining, dams, energy and the industrial machine sector. sensemetrics further differentiates its platform based on the delivery of rapid time to value and low installation and maintenance costs to customers. In addition, the platform features an instant data feedback experience. It is the IIoT company that effortlessly connects organizations, people, and machines, centralizing sensor data and providing real-time insight.