• Excavation
  • Roadways & embankments
  • Tunnels/tunneling
  • Pile testing

GKM Consultants’ geotechnical monitoring systems for infrastructure construction are tailored for each project. Our geotechnical instruments can be used to monitor a large number of construction activities: pile testing, deep excavations, tieback anchoring, soil subsidence, etc. They can also be used to monitor new and existing structure to facilitate long-term maintenance by monitoring vibration, tilt, strains, etc.

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Infrastructure monitoring overview

  • Infrastructure construction requires operations that should be closely monitored, such as tunneling, blasting, deep excavation and pile driving.
  • Construction activities can have unexpected consequences due to shifting pore water pressure inducing soil settlements and structure movements. Both can be detected with the proper instrumentation.
  • There are many different types of infrastructure for which GKM Consultants can assist in monitoring: Roadways, railways, bridges, tunnels and more. Each have their own set of requirements and require custom-made solutions.

Benefits of infrastructure monitoring

  • Monitoring infrastructures helps lower long-term costs by giving the information necessary to perform targeted preventative maintenance;
  • Infrastructures can be protected from external damage with early detection systems for pore pressure ingress, seepage, erosion and landslides of embankments or deep excavations under construction;
  • Contractors can demonstrate that their activities comply to local and national regulations for worker and public safety;
  • Access to real-time data during construction can help contractors adjust their activities and complete their tasks faster;
  • Engineers can access their data remotely at all times for on-going data analysis and field performance assessment, and recommend remedial actions to construction operators if needed.

Our expertise in infrastructure monitoring

GKM Consultants’ geotechnical monitoring systems are designed to acquire and store data from monitoring instruments such as piezometers, thermistor strings and in-place inclinometers. They alleviate the need for manual measurements and the associated personnel costs. GKM Consultants assist contractors and engineers every step of the way, from the selection of the instruments to their installation and the commissioning of the automatic monitoring system.  Our infrastructure monitoring instruments are custom built with state-of-the art data loggers that collect the data and transmit it wirelessly to base stations to make it available online.

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Our solutions

Specialized Inspection (pre and post-construction) - INSi Solution
Sound and Vibration Monitoring
Data Acquisition Systems - DL Series
Star Wireless Monitoring System

Related instruments

Settlement Systems
In-place inclinometers

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