• Backfilling
  • Shaft Excavation
  • Tunneling
  • Crown Pillar
  • Tailings

Geotechnical instrumentation and mine monitoring systems are designed according to the operations that need to be monitored: shafts, stopes, underground galleries tunneling, open-pit excavation, tailings storing facilities, paste backfilling, etc. Geotechnical monitoring for the mining industry is often automated, with custom data acquisition systems reading instruments at set intervals.

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Mine monitoring overview

  • Mines are larger and more complex than ever, which justifies the need for top quality monitoring systems.
  • Access to better data at every step of the lifecycle of a mine alleviates the effects of that complexity.
  • State-of-the art geotechnical and structural monitoring systems provide valuable insight in the current and future states of mines and adjoining structures.
  • Geotechnical monitoring systems for mines are designed according to the specific operations that need to be monitored.

Benefits of mine monitoring

  • GKM Consultants’ geotechnical monitoring systems help owners and managers better follow their mines and manage maintenance work.
  • GKM Consultants’ integrated solutions provide enhanced security by integrating early warning systems that can be fully autonomous or used within a wider database.
  • The online tools that GKM Consultants offer are a one-stop shop for engineers to monitor their mining operations remotely.
  • With accomplishments in many types of mines across Canada, GKM Consultants’ long experience of working on mining sites guarantees that mine owners and operators will have the data they need.

Our expertise in mine monitoring

GKM Consultants’ geotechnical monitoring systems are designed to acquire and store data from all types of geotechnical instruments such as piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, convergence meters and load cells. They alleviate the need for manual measurements and the associated personnel costs.

These mine monitoring solutions offer smart data acquisition: acquisition rates can be changed according to events, other systems such as pump stations or seismographs can be controlled, and power to instruments and external devices can be managed.

Our Geotechnical Monitoring Systems include telecommunications options such as cellular or satellite modems to extract data in real-time from the instruments and push them directly into GKM Consultant’s online data management platform or into the operator’s own database system for rock movement, pore pressure, slope stability or other critical geotechnical parameters.

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Our solutions

Star Wireless Monitoring System
Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) - TDRi Series
Data Acquisition Systems - DL Series
Sound and Vibration Monitoring

Related instruments

Load Cells

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