Tailings Storage Facility

  • Dike stability monitoring
  • Long term storage monitoring
  • Dam raising
  • Land reclamation
  • Staff safety

Geotechnical monitoring systems for tailings storage facility (TSF) networks are custom made for each project but share a few commonalities. The most common measurements are pore pressure, settlement, soil shear and environmental parameters such as water content and pH.

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Tailings storage facility monitoring overview

  • Tailings ponds store mining by-products generated during ore extraction and subsequent purification steps.
  • The stability of the dams should be monitored at all times to prevent environmental damage and protect surrounding populations.
  • The tailings themselves can contain heavy metals or leach acidic by-products that need to be monitored with dedicated instruments.

Benefits of monitoring tailings storage facilities

  • Fully automated tailings storage facility monitoring systems provide peace of mind by giving engineers and project manager access to their data remotely at all times.
  • Automated real-time alarms increase the safety of these structures.
  • Instruments can provide additional insights into the geotechnical, physical and chemical processes taking place in the tailings and surrounding structures.
  • Wireless environmental monitoring systems cover large areas at a low cost, helping mine owners show compliance to environmental regulations.

Our expertise in TSF monitoring

GKM Consultants’ geotechnical monitoring systems are designed to acquire and store data from instruments such as piezometers, thermistor strings and in-place inclinometers (IPIs). They alleviate the need for manual measurements and the associated personnel costs. GKM Consultants assists mine operators at every step of the way, from the selection of the instruments, their installation and the commissioning of the automatic monitoring system.

Our tailings storage facility monitoring solutions are custom built with state-of-the art data loggers that collect the data and transmit it wirelessly to base stations to make it available online.

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Our solutions

Star Wireless Monitoring System
Tailings Environmental Management Systems (TEMS)
Data Acquisition Systems - DL Series
Remote Data Management System (RDMS)

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