Structural integrity monitoring during bridge rehabilitation | Route 116 Bridge, QUÉBEC
Noise and vibration monitoring during bridge construction | Victoria Street Bridge, ONTARIO
Monitoring of settlements, lateral displacement and pore water pressure | Highway 11/17, ONTARIO
Geotechnical monitoring of ground and structure movements | Jarry Tunnel, QUÉBEC
Underwater noise monitoring during demolition work | Gros Cacouna Dock, CACOUNA,QC
Noise and vibration management program during recomissioning work | Rosemont Reservoir, MONTREAL
Pore pressure consolidation and dissipation monitoring | Highway NA30, QUÉBEC
Tunnel excavation monitoring | Ottawa Light Rail Transit, ONTARIO
Dynamic monitoring of train track deformation, ONTARIO
Automated geotechnical instrumentation of a flood retention basin | Lavigne Basin, MONTREAL
Vibration monitoring | Rimouski Courthouse, QUÉBEC
Structural integrity and health monitoring | Aging highway overpass, CANADA