Remote inactive mine Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) risk management, Quebec
Theodore Dam Spillway Monitoring, Saskatchewan
Vibration monitoring | Construction site , MONTREAL, CANADA
Dam geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring | La Romaine-3 Dam, QUEBEC
Automated monitoring system for frost depth | Baffinland, NUNAVUT
Automated geotechnical instrumentation of a flood retention basin | Lavigne Basin, MONTREAL
Tunnel excavation monitoring | Ottawa Light Rail Transit, ONTARIO
Large-scale geotechnical monitoring system for mining site | Meadowbank Mine, NUNAVUT
Geotechnical monitoring of ground and structure movements | Jarry Tunnel, QUÉBEC
Geotechnical monitoring of hydroelectric tunnel | Ontario Power Generation, ONTARIO
Vibration and crack monitoring system | Saint-Pierre Collector, QUÉBEC
Ground movement monitoring during tunnel excavation | Côte-Vertu Underground Garage, MONTREAL